I keep reading on forums like this one that Meseraco is untouchable and Grandal should be traded for an arm or a LF. My question is how big a drop off is it from Meseraco to Grandal?

I believe one the bright spots for this team last year was it's catching. Ramon and Ryan are a pretty good tandem. I get a little frustrated by how Dusty uses them sometimes, but they have been pretty good. I wouldn't take to many other catching situations in the NL over this one.

Ramon has hinted at the fact he would like to stay in Cin. I say give him another year with a team option for 2. Meseraco would get us much more right now then Grandal, so go get a plus arm or 2. By the time Ramon was done, Grandal should be ready to go.

I like the fact that Grandal is a switch hitter. He would give whoever the skipper was more versatility in the line up as well.

Let me know what you guys think?