Bob Bailey (69) -Had a great year as a spare part on the '76 BRM.


Trevor Hoffman (44) -A Reds 11th-round pick who seemed to do OK in the bigs.

Randy Moffitt (62) -Giant reliever who was, as I'm sure you know, the brother of tennis superstar Billie Jean King.

Eddie Mathews -The greatest 3B of all time? Well, it's probably Schmidt, but Eddie's at least in the discussion.

Charlie Silvera (86) Spent most of his career as the third-string catcher for the Yankees. I'm quoting from memory here, but as I recall The Great American Baseball Card Book said of him, "The only time he got more than 100 ABs he hit .300, but he had as much chance of replacing Yogi Berra and Elston Howard as I do of replacing Prince Rainier".

Swede Risberg & Fred McMullin- Two of the Eight Men Out share a birthday.

Pickles Dillhoefer- Couldn't resist.

Rube Waddell- One of the greatest lefthanded pitchers ever. Flaky to the point where it almost ceased being flaky and crosed the line into mental disorder territory.