Howie Nunn (76) -Reliever for the '61 pennant winners. Looks just like Wally Cox in his BaseballReference pic.


George Hendrick (62) -Didn't get great press as a player; he wasn't really that bad a guy, he just didn't like talking to reporters. A fashion pioneer- he was the first player to wear his pants really long, the way everyone does now. Currently a coach for the Rays.

Willie Horton (69) -Kind of a hero; during the riots in 1967 he stood on top of a car in his uniform pleading for calm. Honored with a statue outside Comerica Park.

Andy Carey (80) -Yankee 3B of the late '50s; made a hit-saving play in the eighth inning of Don Larsen's perfect game. Married a Hollywood starlet.

Candy Cummings -Credited with inventing the curve ball in 1867; said he got the idea from throwing seashells.