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I also said approach. I think he will have more chance to succeed and adjust to MLB pitching because he's a switch hitter with a good eye for the strike zone and power from both sides. Lower ceiling, higher floor, that's how I see it. My biggest concern for Grandal is pitch recognition and K rate, but since it was his first year and he did so well with OBP, I am optimistic that he will get his K rate down in the 17-19% range. Mesoraco could end up a 20 hr catcher, with a .245 average, which I don't think holds as much value as a catcher that bats, say .285 with 12-15 hr and OBP's .380. That's my rough vision of the future there.
Why do you think that the guy who strikes out less and has more power will hit for a much lower average? That really doesn't make much mathematical sense.