Jeff Austin (35) -As I've said before, I was totally wrong about this guy- I was convinced he'd come around.

German Barranca (55)


Michael Young (35) A great player. His cousin was a WBO world boxing champion.

Dirty Al Gallagher (66) -Full name: Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher. Managed in the independent leagues until recently.

Sandy Alomar (68) -Obviously Sandy Sr., the patriarch of the Alomar family.

Walt Bond -Played his entire major league career after being diagnosed with leukemia; it finally claimed him at age 29.

Fred Snodgrass -Famous for dropping a fly ball in the 1912 World Series; nobody remembers that he made a terrific catch on the very next play.

Mordecai Brown -Didn't get started till he was 26 but still won 239 games; pitched successfully in semi-pro games into his 50s.