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Story time ...

I worked on my neighbors dairy farm when I was 13-15 (I was not raised on a farm). Cutting across the barn one day and heard a snort behind me as I was crossing one of the pens that they kept cows ready to birth. As I turned around to look ... there stood their bull, which was perpetually pissed-off, pawing he ground and snorting steam. This bull was literally 10-12 inches taller in his back than their cows, he was just one *massive* SOB.

I decided I could either inch my way out, or take a mad dash. I went for the mad dash and lept a full-sized metal swinging gate, on a dead run, with the bull in close pursuit. The bull ran into the gate with a full head of steam and bent it into a V. He then proceeded to tear the durn thing into pieces. Too late, I was long gone by then.

My neighbor hear the commotion and ran outside to see what was going on, all he saw was me running full speed away from the barn, so he followed. He went white when I told him what had happened. He had forgotten to tell me they moved the bull into the pen that morning. They were leary of him too (farmers all their lives) and that was the final straw .. that bull was gone the next day.


/cool story bro (yeah, yeah)
Grew up on a dairy farm and we had a few bulls that acted in this manner and they did not last long. Its funny we only named the Bulls and I still remember the mean ones....Bud and Lester.