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I don't get that thinking. I want more certainty pitching the larger number of innings. He likely pushes Bailey or Leake out of the rotation or causes the Reds to pass on help from the outside. Each of those options is likely to be a better starter than Chapman in 2012.

Why would I want to replace those guys with a question mark. I'd be all for upgrading to a more proven guy, but I'd prefer the Reds be less dependent on question marks. He's been decent as a reliever. I don't really think he's a question mark in the bullpen. He may not prove to be a closer, but flip flop him with another reliever and move on. If he flops in the rotation, who replaces him? Traviis Wood? Matt Maloney? I don't see the Reds keeping Bailey around as a long reliever.
Why go into next season with just 5 starters? You can never have enough starting pitching, so I see no reason why the Reds would have to bump someone just because they are stretching out Chapman.

Stretch him out, bring Cueto, Leake, Arroyo, Bailey, Wood, Maloney, LeCure, a new acquisition or two, and Chapman into camp and have them compete for the five spots. Most likely, injuries will decide whose in the rotation at the start of the season. And if Chapman isn't one of them, move him back to the pen.

If the Reds have too many good guys for the 5 spots, how horrible!