Reds (good day for the bullpen):

Arthur Rhodes (42)

Rawly Eastwick (61) -Blossomed at just the right time for the Big Red Machine, got into a contract hassle in '77 and went downhill from there.

Jim Brosnan (82) -If you haven't read The Long Season or Pennant Race, get off the computer and head for the library at once.

Jim Greengrass (84) -Had three very good years for the Reds in the early 1950s when not too many Reds were having good years.


Rafael Furcal (34)

Omar Moreno (59) -Holds an unfortunate major league record: most outs made in a season (560 in 1980). Currently works with youth in Panama.

Louis Sockalexis -Might have been the first full-blooded Native American to play in the majors. Played for the horrible 1899 Cleveland Spiders; for a while it was thought that they became the "Indians" to honor him but that seems to have not been the case.

Ned Williamson -Star third baseman of the early days of baseball. First player to hit three home runs in a game. Held the single-season HR record until Babe Ruth broke it, although it was somewhat tainted by the fact that 25 of his 27 homers were hit in his home park.