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I enjoyed this football season. The Bauserman issues aside, as well as the MSU game, OSU played well with a team that lost 4 of its best players before the season started and had one of their best DLineman go out for the year as well. There were games that were awfully boring (MSU) but then again its college football and there are a lot worse ways to spend a Saturday. With the amount of youth that was given a chance to play this season it leaves me awfully encouraged for the next few years.

Its one more football game. I don't care if they are deserving or not its another chance to watch OSU this season. I remember a handful of years ago when a disappointing ND team refused to go to a bowl game. I thought it was one of the most arrogant things to do. Especially when you consider they lost out on a month + of practice time.

True. Fickell was thrown into a difficult situation and handled it with class. There were several games where he was exposed as a coach as well as being left with Joe Bauserman as the starting QB. I want to see what Meyer can do with this team for a bowl game. One month of practice is huge when you are dealing with a very young team.
I can't think of a worse thing to do than take a team that has been through what this one has and send them a coach with a resounding Mighty Mouse cheer "Here I am to save the day!" Plus, tell Fickell "sorry, Bub, moving back to defense, there's a new sheriff in town."

What would be gained with this one month for one meaningless game between two mediocre teams is far outweighed by taking the opportunity for the new coach to start on staff and player recruiting. Let the lame ducks have one last hurrah.