Bip Roberts (48) -In 1992, he was about as good as any Reds 2B not named Morgan ever was.

Mike Lum (66) -Spare part on the BRM; his middle name ws "Ken-Wai".


U.L. Washington (58) -Toothpick-chewing SS who was, I believe, a graduate of the Royals baseball academy.

Pete Vuckovich (59) -It's a good thing he was an excellent pitcher, 'cause he never would have made a living on his looks.

Elijah "Pumpsie" Green (78) -I'm too lazy to look it up, but I believe he was the first African-American player on the Red Sox, who were the last team to integrate.

Ralph Kiner (89) -HOF slugger on some awful Pirate teams. After another last-place finish, he tried to get a raise from GM Branch Rickey, leading to Rickey's famous line, "We could have finished last without you".