Hey! Season's over!

Here are some quality FA's that I think the Reds could benefit from signing in 2012:

Grady Sizemore: Total Stud. With depth in CF, the Reds could roll the dice he stays healthy for 4-5 million. Injuries are a concern, but players with this talent only need to be 80%.

Johnny Damon: This guy still has 2-3 years left and can probably still hit 15 HR in GABP while providing a tough out in the lineup. 3-5 million.

Josh Willingham: He'll probably get close to 8-10 million since there isn't much else out there and he's never OPS'd under .800. No doubt he'd help this lineup as a cleanup hitter.

JD Drew: Another premium talent. He knows the K zone. Coming off an injury year and going to be 36. He's a winner. 3-5 million.

Roy Oswalt: His retirement talk is probably him coming to terms with an aging body. Maybe he would hang it up early, but I doubt it. 3 years, 36 million.



These are the types of targets the Reds need. Similar to the Rolen acquisition, this team will benefit from another veteran with a consistant bat or arm. Making room in the OF shouldn't be an issue, and the rotation needs more stability. Perhaps they have 10-15 million to spend if payroll goes to 85 million and they don't keep Cordero.