Darrel Thomas (26) -Ends his Reds carrer with an 8.31 ERA, but I'll remember him for that one gutty start against the Yankees.

Orlando Cabrera (37) -Made the last out in David Cone's 1996 perfect game. Holds one record that will never be broken- homers by a Montreal Expo shortstop.

Marcus Moore (41)

Johnny Vander Meer -After his double no-hitters, Reds managemant wanted him to change his uniform number to "00". He declined...


Willie McGee (53) -Came from a very religious household; he had to sneak out to play baseball on Sundays.

Ron Reed (69) -Played with the NBA's Detroit Pistons. One of only five pitchers to have 100 wins, 100 saves, and 50 complete games (the other four: Marberry, Kinder, Eckersley, Smoltz).

Travis Jackson -A fine shortstop who made it into the Hall of Fame. Dave Concepcion was just as good, IMHO....