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Are only great football coaches entitles to the privilege of avoiding your judgment until all of the facts come out? Or have more facts come out since last week that allow you to confidently say that "Spanier and Curley were chicken (expletive)" and more to blame than Paterno? I guess I am wondering why you feel so confident judging them.
I was more referring to the way they handled the Joe Pa coaching situation. They didn't have the guts to make a difficult decision when it was clearly evident that Joe's best days were behind him.

As for the molestation case if I am going to levy blame on anyone with the information I have I will levy it directly upon the AD and School president. That said, there was a failure along the chain of command and an atrocity was allowed to happen. So back to my original point I think it would be prudent to allow all the facts to come to light before throwing the first stone.