Jim Kaat (73) -Only a Red for one year, and that as a coach, but he was the closest thing to a Reds birthday I could find. Had a famously long pitching career, behind only Nolan Ryan and Tommy John. Used the same glove for 15 years. Pitched during the administrations of seven U.S. presidents: Eisenhower through Reagan. Was the last active major leaguer to have played in the 1950s. A finalist for the HOF Veteran's Committe this year; he probably won't make it but I'd be OK with it if he did.


Kris Benson (37) -Remembered more now for his somewhat unconventional wife than for his pitching.

Buck Martinez (63)

Joe Niekro -Hit his only home run in 1976, off of his brother.

Dick Stuart -"Dr. Strangeglove". Hit 66 homers one year in the minors. Was on deck when Mazeroski hit the homer that won the 1960 World Series.