Mike Vail (60) -Hot prospect with the Mets who never quite blossomed; came over to the Reds in 1981 as part of Dick Wagner's master plan to ruin the Big Red Machine.

Birdie Tebbetts -Managed the Reds in the mid-late 1950s when they were hitting all those home runs.


Norm Cash -A fine player who had one out-of-this-world season: 1961 when he hit .361, the highest average anyone acheived in the 1960s. Had a lot of fun playing the game; once attempted to call time out while caught in a rundown. Died young in a boating accident.

Gene Conley (81) -The only man to win world championships in two of the major sports: in 1957 with the Braves and three times in basketball backing up Bill Russell with the Celtics.

Jimmie Dykes -The first manager to win 1000 games without winning a pennant.