Dutch Dotterer -Backup catcher in the late '50s, ending in 1960. His dad, also called Dutch, was a Reds scout. Just missed the pennant-winning year, which is too bad; although he was no star, he was a lifetime .247 hitter, which would have been a lot better than what the Reds had at catcher in '61.

Note: There's a freaking Wikipedia page on Dutch Dotterer. Wikipedia is amazing...


Cory Snyder (49) -Was supposed to be the next big thing when he came up, but couldn't make enough contact to be any more than just pretty good.

George Case -Speedy Senators OF who managed to lead the league in steals one year despite hitting only .225.

Hal Trosky -Terrific player who battled chronic migraines throughout his career.

Pie Traynor- Used to be in the discussion for best 3B ever before Matthews, Schmidt & Brett.

Rabbit Maranville- An average hitter who made the HOF anyway because of his wonderful fielding and colorful, uninhibited personality.

Unfortunate names for today: Boob Fowler, Tony Suck