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And I think Brutus nailed it as to the turning point in the game, which was a blown call on Sullinger for the charge when the guy slid in under while he was in the air. Late in the game, Sullinger has perfect position, gets barrelled over, block and a key basket counts.
This comment is from OSU's loss to Indiana. Does OSU ever get beat by a better team or are they always just screwed by the refs?

OSU and MSU are trending opposite directions. Izzo's teams have been getting thinner and thinner in talent, this one being the least talented MSU team I can remember during his tenure. I'd say Izzo is a tiring elder statesman (fading star) while Matta is still at the top of his game (star in his prime).
This was your last comment on MSU and that turned out to be dead wrong, I'm guessing this most recent prediction will turn out the same way. I would be absolutely shocked if MSU didn't make it past the Sweet 16.

I am saying that their physical defense was actually fouling...How quickly Ohio State was in the bonus proves nothing.
Their may have been fouls that went uncalled in MSU's favor, I am not denying that, but do you really think on those 13 missed 3's that MSU fouled them on more than one or two? What about the other 11? Any way you spin it the refs did not make OSU have a horrible shooting night. As to your second comment, It proves that the refs were calling fouls on MSU early in the game and they were not able to set the tone with overly physical play right from the opening tip.