The biggest similarity between the Bengals and Falcons, is that both teams have terrible secondary play.

My early wishlist for the draft.

Two corners in the first round. Leon Hall's injury may force him to safety, his game is suited to play free safety, if the injury limits him. Corners are a premium position.

Offensive Guards, this depends on how much Clint Boling improves in the offseason. Many of us loved that pick, but it just goes to show, how depending on rookies, doesn't always work in the NFL. I would prefer an experienced guy from Free Agency. Nate Livings should be a backup, Bobby Williams has slowed down as well. Gotta improve here.

A Defensive Tackle is a must at some point. A run plugger would be nice.

Runningback, there are running backs all over this draft, from Trent Richardson all the way to Boom Herron and Isiah Pead. A player I like is Chris Polk from Washington.

Wide Receiver, Jerome Simpson is likely gone, his dope ring thing and inconsistent play don't compliment AJ Green well. I don't think the market will be huge on him because of the off field issues, so I suspect the price will be right for Mike Brown. I just don't want to bring him back and then, have no backup plan when he goes to jail. Watch out for Devier Posey here. Cincinnati kid, played at Ohio State, perceived to be a mid to late round pick with upside. He could eventually slot into a number 2 role.