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Brady and Big Ben the first times around were anything but elite QB's. You could say the same thing about NYG with Eli, he was a mediocre QB when the Giants won the super bowl. I don't think Dalton is all that far off from being a Brady, Big Ben, Dilfer, or Eli SB quality QB. Now he may not develop into they QB those guys became but that is a whole different story.

I think most of the battle is getting to the SB. In recent years the games have been ultra competitive with both sides having a chance to win. Can Dalton be as good as a guy like Rex Grossman? Hasslebeck? Alex Smith? Joe Flacco? etc. or guys who made it right to the verge or into the SB. I think so. It just takes an entire team effort, one that a great QB can make a little easier.
That is one heck of a spin on Brady, Eli & Ben etc. I don't think any of those latter QB's have won a SB. If you are ok with just getting there then I guess I understand your position.