Darnell McDonald (33) -Seems to have found a home in Boston. Good for him.

Tom Seaver (67) -I read that he's the only member of the Hall Of Fame who's wearing a Mets cap on his plaque. Can this be true?

Orlando Pena (78) -Reds reliever in the late '50s who went on to play 14 seasons in the bigs. I had his baseball card one year and he looked 78 back then; Lord knows what he looks like now.


Ryan Braun (28) -Highlight of his career so far? Probably shooting a commercial with Marisa Miller.

Mitch Williams (47) - Right after his retirement, he opened a bowling alley. In 1996, some TV producers set up a bowling match between Mitch and Joe Carter, in remembrance of their confrontation in the 1993 World Series. Mitch bragged that since he owned an alley and practiced every day he would dominate. Carter, who was an excellent bowler, rolled a strike between his legs on the first ball and went on to defeat Williams handily.

Gary Bell (75) Three-time all-star best remembered now as a character in Ball Four.

George Stallings -Manager of the 1914 miracle Boston Braves and a lot of other good teams.