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I think it's a bit presumptuous to assume that Torreyes's strikeout rate will not improve. As of right now, he hasn't faced a situation where it's actually been an issue, due to him getting so many hits across all levels. He also flashed more power last year in a more hitter-friendly league, so there's a chance that he could improve there too (and let's not forget that, while it's a long shot, he's young enough that he could still add a few inches).

Personally, I have both of these guys above Corcino and Boxberger. I believe that they've got a much higher potential to succeed than do any of our pitchers, to be honest.
I don't really think it is that presumptuous at all. Over the last three years, five players have a strikeout rate between 6-8%. Torreyes was at 6.2% last year in Dayton. Unless he becomes the best contact hitter in the history of baseball in a time where the pitching is the best it has ever been, there really isn't room to get better at it (in terms of his rates.... he will have to clearly get much better to maintain that rate of contact as he moves up).

For those who think Torreyes is going to get bigger.... I think you are in for a surprise. He is a fraily framed guy. Sure, he might add a few pounds here or there, but if he tops 160 I would be very, very surprised. He is 5' 7". At 19 or not, there isn't much room for him to put on weight as a pro athlete.