Gabe White (40) -Gave up Tony Gwynn's last base hit while pitching for the Rockies.

Jay Ritchie (74) -Tall righty who came over from the Braves in "68 as part of a deal for Deron Johnson.


J.D. Drew (36) -His career is winding down and I still don't know quite what to make of him. Never a fan favorite due to a percieved lack of hustle. Twice in his career he's been a part of a four consecutive home run string.

Rick Monday (66) and Jay Johnstone (66) -I put them together because they were not only born on the same day, they were both outfielders who played for the Cubs, A's and Dodgers and later became announcers. They also both served in the Marine Corps Reserves. Monday, of course, is remembered for the flag-saving incident. Johnstone is remembered as a practical joker. He appears in the movie The Naked Gun batting right-handed.

Clark Griffith -I could technically have put him with the Reds, since he managed them in 1909 and even appeared briefly on the mound for them. As a pitcher he was known for doctoring the ball. Owned the Senators for many years. Succeeded by his son Calvin, who can best be described as the Mike Brown of baseball.