John Roper (40) -Part of the package the Reds sent to San Francisco for Deion Sanders.

Ken Griffey Jr. (42) -The second-best baseball player ever born in Donora PA on November 21.

Scott Terry (52) -Traded to the Cards for Pat Perry in possibly the only trade ever involving players whose names rhymed.

Andy High -Played for the Reds in '32 and '33, later a long-time Brooklyn scout who signed, among others, Pee Wee Reese.


Bill Almon (59) -First overall pick in the 1974 draft; never became much more than a good role player.

Stan Musial (91) -Happy 91st to The Man, possibly the classiest superstar of all. I don't do autographs, but I got Stan's when I was a little kid.

Fred Lindstrom - 3B who got into the HOF in the mid-70s when Frankie Frisch was bringing in his old teammamtes by the carload.