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Bama lost at home to the #1 team by 3. OSU lost in a 2 OT game the day after a tragic coaching loss.

Maybe I'd give a slight edge to Alabama. Maybe. But its pretty darn near a toss-up.

In my mind, the tie-breaker is the "you had your shot and you lost" argument. Yeah, you can say a FG was wide or a receiver tripped or whatever. But at the end of the day, you *lost*. Why do you get another shot when there is a team that is very possibly equal to you?

BCS will say the system worked this time but I'll disagree.

Don't you think in all fairness you should mention that the team OSU lost to was a .500 team? I think that's pertinent and I think if Alabama lost to a .500 team like Vanderbilt that it'd have knocked 'em further down than a loss to LSU.

I do agree with the point in your last paragraph