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Yes, they are clearly not #1. An overtime win against Alabama that with most kickers in the country, Alabama wins outright and a 21 point loss against Alabama with everything on the line means they aren't better than Alabama. Not sure what is confusing about that.
Using "with most kickers in the country" as a premise is analogous to cherry picking though. The kicking game is an important phase of the game that like offense and defense also confers a tangible advantage (or disadvantage). Clearly in the first Bama/LSU game, Saban was pushing the boundries of his kicking game by making the conscious decision to attempt several that were beyond the safe range/ability of his kicking game.

Basically in the first game, Miles played field position and Saban was more agressive and Miles won.

Besides, if Quinn Sharp makes a 37-yard field-goal at the end of the Iowa State game that most kickers in the country would've made, then this whole conversation is moot because OSU would've played LSU in New Orleans....