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I rarely drink their beer, I usually get the guest drafts. They always have things on tap that aren't listed if you ask the right servers or bartenders. As for the food, I love it for what it is and think the prices are ok. In fairness I dine almost exclusively in Downtown and OTR, so Moerlein's prices are fairly expected.
I have only eaten at the Moerlein house a couple of times and felt the food was average. Nothing wrong with it but nothing that made me say wow. For the most part I am a lager, helles, and pilsner drinker and I think Moerline doesn't do a really good job in that area. Heck the Rivertown Helles puts anything Moerline makes to shame in the lighter category. I guess I could go with the guest drafts but never have really strayed.

As for the Yardhouse I have only been once but was pretty impressed. I thought the building looked cool, they had every kind of beer you could imagine, and the menu was large, but both my and my wife's meal was good. It was a little pricey but I really don't mind that. I did get recommended a $12 beer that was about 8% alcohol. I was told it was the best beer the server had ever had. But not exactly the right thing to drink when you had to drive home.