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Aside from that, there is a beer event on Fountain Square but I'm not a fan of this one because the money spent is weighted towards the fund raiser portion and not so much towards the beer. It works like this: You pay about $40 bucks and for that you get more beer than you can drink--25 beer "tastes" of 5 oz each. Nobody needs that much. Oktoberfest 100% of your money goes towards beer since there is no cover. Brew Ha Ha has a $5 cover and even with that, you'll only spend about $20 total for an evening of beer. You're looking at twice that much at the event this weekend.

Having said that, the Beer Baron's Ball is also a find raiser but many black tie events are and at least we'll get food as well. I'll have to see whether it's worth it, but it's a completely different kind of event than these street beer festivals
In looking over some other sources including their website, I want to issue a correction. They do have other options in addition to the $40 one. If you go the day of the event (either tonight or tomorrow night) you can get in for as little as $15. This gives you enough for either two beers or five 5 oz. tastings. Additional beers are $5/beer or $2/tasting. So in other words, you pay a $5 fee to get in and with that you get a plastic 5 oz glass. I think that's reasonable and I'll now endorse this event if you're looking for something like this to do this weekend. I'll also add that Fri night is usually much less crowded than Sat...