Jonny Gomes (31) -I wish him lots of luck, but I'm glad he's not a Red any more.

Joe Gaines (74) -Spare-part OF in '60 and '61. Later played with Baltimore and Houston.

Harry Rice -Really good all-around player who spent a couple of years with the Reds. Came up just a couple of hits short of a .300 career average. Ended his career at age 31, although he hung around in the minors for a few more years.


Joe Nathan (37) -The newest Ranger. The trade in which Minnesota acquired him, Liriano and Bonser for A.J. Pierczynski has to be one of the all-time lopsided trades.

Greg Luzinski (61) -The Bull wasn't the worst OF I ever saw (that would be Jeff Burroughs) but he was right up there. Sure could hit, though...

Lyman Bostock -The man who shot and killed Bostock served only 21 months in custody.

Lew Burdette -Extreme control pitcher from Nitro, West Virginia. Poster boy for the spitball before Gaylord Perry.

Dick Bartell -"Rowdy Richard". I can't keep him and Dave Bancroft separated in my mind.