Justin Turner (27) -Never actually a Red, but a Red draftee who went to the Orioles in the Ramon Hernandez deal. Now a Met.

Brook Jacoby (52) -I did not know that our current hitting coach is a close friend of Dave Parker- they go fishing in Wisconsin every year.

Tom Hall (64) -Back when the Reds were building the Machine, they traded a used-up Wayne Granger to Minnesota for "The Blade", who was one of the best relievers in baseball for the next few years.


Jon Papelbon (31) -To me, the Phils overpaid for him, but what do I know?

Dale Sveum (48) -New Cubbie skipper. At least he has the pedigree; he's played for, among others, LaRussa, Torre, Piniella and Leyland.

Luis Tiant (71) -Most fun pitcher to watch ever. There's a Facebook campaign to get him into the HOF; he has about the same record as Catfish Hunter, who's in.

Hal Schumacher -Giant righty nicknamed "Prince Hal" to Carl Hubbell's "King Carl". Was possibly overused early; threw almost 950 major league innings before age 25 and was never quite the same after that.

Bubber Jonnard -I looked him up because he had an interesting name and I didn't know anything about him. Turns out he was a catcher who had a twin brother who pitched in the majors (they were never a battery in the majors). After his playing days he was a Mets scout; he signed Ed Kranepool and Mike Jorgensen. One other note: Among the minor league teams he played for were the Wichita Falls "Spudders" and the Newark "Mary Janes"....

Chief Zimmer -Sometimes considered to be the first catcher to work up close to the plate, rather than standing ten feet behind as they previously did. A close friend of Cy Young. Despite the nickname, no Native American blood...