Jay Howell (36) Red farmhand who appeared briefly with the big club before being traded for the immortal Mike O'Berry. Bad trade.

Bob Lee (74) -Known as "Big Bob" he worked, not very successfully, in the Reds pen in '68 and '69.

Eddie Miller -The Reds have had a number of slick-fielding shortstops and Miller was one of the best. Improbably led the league in doubles in 1947; it would be like Paul Janisch leading the league.


Chuck Finley (49) -Had exactly 200 big-league wins. Struck out four batters in an inning three separate times. His marriage to "actress" Tawny Kitaen blew up in spectacular fashion, with lurid accusations on both sides.

Jorge Orta (61) -Good-hit-no-field 2b who was the base runner in the famous Don Denkinger blown call during the 1985 Series.

Richie Hebner (64) -Pirate 3b who worked as a gravedigger in the offseason, back when players had offseason jobs.

Lefty Gomez -Someone whose life I would have liked to have lived. A great pitcher and a funny, funny guy. You could fill a book with Lefty Gomez quotes; I'll give you just one sample: "When I was called in from the bullpen in a tough situation, a lot of thoughts went through my head. One was, 'Should I spike myself?'".

Bob Johnson -The Joe Rudi of his day; an outfielder who just churned out season after season of .300, 20 HR, 95 RBI ball without ever having the big year to propel him into the spotlight. Called "Indian Bob" because he was 1/4 Cherokee. His older brother Roy also had a fine big league career, although he was never called "Indian Roy".

Hugh Duffy -Small (5'7") but powerful right fielder who was a star of the great Boston Beaneaters teams of the 1890s. He and LF Tommy McCarthy were called the "Heavenly Twins", and they went into the HOF together.