Willie Bloomquist (34) - Had a nice little year for himself in 2011.

Randy Milligan (50) -He was 27 before he ever got a real shot, and his career ended early, but for the few years in between he was about as good as you could ask for. Underrated because at the time not too many people were paying attention to OBP.


Jimmy Rollins (33) -Learned baseball from his mother, who played fast-pitch softball at a high level. Appears as a kid in several M.C. Hammer videos.

Ivan Rodriguez (40) -Has to be the last active major league player to have been a teammate of Nolan Ryan. His son was drafted this year by the Twins.

Dave Giusti (72) -Effective as a starter with Houston and a closer with Pittsburgh. His out pitch was the palm ball. Later became an exec for American Express.

Bullet Joe Bush -Credited with developing the forkball. His won-lost records don't look all that great, but in his defense he played on some bad teams; in 1916 he won 15 games for an Athletics team that only won 36 total!