Heinie Peitz -Catcher around the turn of the 20th century. He and pitcher Ted Breitenstein were known as the "Pretzel Battery". Caught the first no-hitter of the 20th century in July of 1900 (Noodles Hahn was the pitcher).


Robb Nen (42) -All-time Giants franchise leader in saves. Known for his unusual toe-tapping delivery and his filthy slider.

Matt Williams (46) -Only player to hit World Series homers with three different teams. Later caught up in the HGH scandal.

John Burkett (47) -Winning pitcher in the Rangers' first postseason win ever. Competed part-time as a professional bowler, and I think, still does.

Dave Righetti (53) -In 1983, pitched the first Yankee no-hitter since Don Larsen. Now a pitchiing coach, and would be a good one for GAB; his staffs traditionally yield very few homers. Father of triplets.