Mark Lewis (42) -Local boy from Hamilton, Ohio, who served two stints with the Reds and hit the first pinch-hit grand slam in postseason history.

Clyde Sukeforth- Catcher who spent the first half of his career with the Reds but is better known as a coach and scout for the Dodgers. Instrumental in several pivot points in baseball history, including the signing of Jackie Robinson and the "Shot Heard 'Round The World". Reunited with Branch Rickey in Pittsburgh, he was involved in the Pirates' drafting of the young Roberto Clemente.


Shane Victorino (31) -An Eagle Scout and holder of the Hawaii state record for the 100-meter dash. In 2007 the Phillies held a "Shane Victorino Day", and Shane won the game with a walk-off homer in the ninth.

Bo Jackson (49) -Probably the greatest athlete ever to play major league baseball. Him or Jim Thorpe, but I'm taking Bo. Good story: Bo's mom was sick while he was recovering from hip surgery, and he promised her that he'd hit a home run for her when he got back. She passed away before he could get back into the linep, but on his first at bat after returning he hit a home run, and later had that ball engraved into her tombstone.

Bob Tewksbury (51)- Extreme control pitcher who's now a sports psychologist employed by the Red Sox. I don't know if he held that position when Manny Ramirez was there; if so, he'd have had his work cut out for him.

Firpo Marberry- First really good pitcher to spend most of his career as a reliever. When he retired, he had twice as many relief appearances as the guy in second place. Once gave up four consecutive triples (Bucky Walters hit the fourth).

Today would also have been the 94th birthday of my mom: a great Reds fan, particularly of Tony Perez.