My current SP's are: Randy Johnson, Mark Prior, Jason Schmidt, Ramon Ortiz, Javier Vazquez, Ted Lilly, and Kris Benson.

My current RP's are: Keith Foulke, Eddie Guardado and Jose Jimenez.

There are several teams that need a closer. I was thinking of making some offers to them. I would be trading Vazquez and Jimenez and in return might be able to get:

1) Odalis Perez
2) Mark Mulder
3) Freddy Garcia
4) Wade Miller

After doing this trade I could pick up another closer out of F.A. Here are my choices:

1) Mike DeJean
2) Antonio Alfonseca
3) Scott Stewart
4) Alan Embree
5) Lance Carter
6) Jesus Colome
7) Joey Eischen
8) Brandon Villefuerte
9) Franklyn German
10) Mike Remliinger
11) Matt Anderson
12) Mike MacDougal

Out of this group I'd probably take Embree, as he is on the winniest team, and even though he is expected to be part of a CBC (closer by committee), he should have good periferal numbers as well. Of course, I could probably also pick up another SP like Kenny Rogers, John Patterson, Cory Lidle, Brandon Duckworth, or Darren Dreifort, but I like having 3 guys that could get me saves with good periferal nuimbers.

What SP would you try and trade for, and which closer would you pick up?