Competitive Balance Lottery to shake up Draft
Small-market, low-revenue teams to get chance at extra picks

The lottery, it seems, has been designed to help small-market and lowest-revenue clubs gain more talent not just because they had a poor season. Many of the smaller-market clubs were proponents of a system with hard slotting. While that hasn't happened, this current system is designed, with this lottery a part of it, to give those clubs a competitive advantage compared to the status quo.

Teams eligible for '13 Lottery
Arizona D-backs Baltimore Orioles
Cleveland Indians Kansas City Royals
Oakland Athletics Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Padres Tampa Bay Rays
Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies
Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals

There is one other lottery, one for picks forfeited by teams going over their allotted bonus pools. Any team going five to 10 percent over its pool gets taxed at 75 percent and loses a first-round pick. Anyone going 10-15 percent over gets hit with a 100-percent tax and loses a first- and second-round pick. Anything over 15 percent means a 100-percent tax and loss of first-round selections in the next two Drafts.

Any of those forfeited picks would go into a separate lottery. Any team that did not exceed its pool will be in that lottery. In this one, though, the odds are not just based on winning percentage, but on a formula of revenue and winning percentage.