I don't post much in the minor league forum, but if you read the comments from the guys who seem to know everything, we've got some decent talent coming along that should be ready in 2013 and 2014.

Everyone knows that the Reds need starting pitching badly.

If this upcoming talent is as close to a sure thing, in terms of being decent major leaguers, why not trade some of our proven current major leaguers for the starting pitching now, and fill the position spots with those coming through the system?

Guys like Grandal and Soto are close. Why not trade Votto and/or Alonso, and figure that Soto will be playing 1B soon? Why not trade Bruce and sign Cespedes if he's supposed to be so great?

If we had the starting pitching, we might be more like the Giants if we traded away the Votto's, Bruce's, Stubbs, etc. and played Heisey and Sappelt, etc. And if we picked up the premium starting pitching, we could trade our young starting pitching like Bailey, Cueto, Wood, etc. which would garner even more talent.

Just a question I've been wondering. I mean if Votto is sure to walk in free agency, and this team isn't poised to win it all right now.......shouldn't the goal be to continue improving the team until it is poised to win it all? Don't get me wrong......obviously by my name, I love Joey. But I see a team that has the offense but struggles with pitching. It seems like we could revamp our positional players, using the current starters to trade for the pitching.........factoring in our quality minor league situation.

Just wondering.