Reggie Sanders (44) -Hit 20 or more homers in a season for six different teams- a record. Does anyone else remember when he missed a lot of time when he became sick after painting the interior of his house with exterior paint?

Herm Winningham (50) -Has an odd middle name: "Son". Came to Cincy in the trade that sent Tracy Jones to Montreal; hey, anything that gets Tracy out of town I'm in favor of.

George Foster (63) -In 1981, Lawrence Ritter and Donald Honig included George in their book "The Best 100 Baseball Players of All Time". I'm guessing they regretted it later.

Cal McLish (86) -Full name Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish.


Larry Walker (45) -Not too many people are comparing Jay Bruce to him any more, but I haven't given up yet...

Cookie Lavagetto -Known for breaking up Bill Bevans' 1947 World Series no-hitter; also the first manager in Minnesota Twins history.

Walter Alston -Probably the sanest man to be a great manager.

Ed Reulbach -Pitched two shutouts on the same day in 1908; let's see somebody break THAT record...