Damon Berryhill (48) -When Bowden was GM, he surrendered a first-round pick for the right to sign Damon. Damon then went out and hit .183 in 97 PAs. So that worked out...


Paul Byrd (41) -The last major league pitcher to use the "old fashioned" windup that starts with swinging one's arms back behind one. Caught up in the HGH scandal when it was discovered that he had been using a prescription issued by a defrocked dentist.

Darryl Hamilton (47) -In 1997, while playing for the Giants, he recorded the first base hit ever in interleague play.

Harry Simpson -Nicknamed "Suitcase" after a comic strip character. Had some good years in KC, leading the AL in triples twice, but his career headed downward when he was traded to the Yankees. He always felt that Stengel didn't like him because the Yankees had traded away Casey's beloved Billy Martin to get him.

Charlie Wagner -Not really much of a player, but had a long career as a scout. Known as "Broadway Charlie", he's mentioned prominently in the book Dollar Sign on the Muscle, which is highly recommended.