No Reds per se, although a few with Cincy ties:

Jose Contreras (40) -In 2006, he became the first pitcher in 30 years to start two consecutive regular-season games (he started the game before and the game after the All-Star break).

Adam Hyzdu (40) -Broke Junior's home run record at Moeller H.S. and held a number of minor-league slugging records, but it never really happened for him in the majors, although he was once named NL Player of the Week.

Tim Foli (61) -First overall pick in the 1968 draft. Once hit for the so-called "natural" cycle: single, double, triple, and homer in that order. Remembered by Reds fans for his 2000 fistfight with fellow coach Ron Oester.

Tony Horton (66) -Not the fitness guru;the promising Indians prospect whose career was derailed by stress-related issues.

Larry Bowa (66) -Shares a birthday, a position, and a red-a** attitude with Tim Foli.

Stan Hack -Top NL third baseman of the late 1930s and early 1940s. Mostly a leadoff hitter; who was the last 3b to be primarily a leadoff hitter?

Tony Lazzeri -Great second baseman. Remember what I said about the "natural" cycle? Only sixteen have done it; Foli is one and Lazzeri is another. Lazzeri capped his off with a grand slam. Lazzeri died at age 42 after falling down the stairs; he was an epileptic and the speculation is that his fall was called by a seizure.