Today I post "RIP Brent Darby" on my FB page. A few friends comment on it and I respond back a few times.

Later on, out of curiosity, I check to see if Darby has a FB page to see if it's public and if there's any more info on his death. The top search result is a player fan page with 19 "likes". I go to the page (without "liking" it) and, low and behold, my FB wall post is there with all the comments from my friends. Nothing else is there except a Wiki entry from Spain on Darby (he played pro hoops in Europe) with my wall post above it.

I called a friend and asked them to go to that page and see if they saw that post on it as well and, sure enough, it was there. So, freaked out, I deleted the post from my wall and went back to that fan page (which, again, I had never "liked" BTW) and it was gone.

What the heck is this? Anyone?