Special All-Reds Edition!

Bill Bates (48) -Once raced a cheetah in a pregame exhibition (Randy Myers was supposed to, but backed out). He won when his hat flew off and the cheetah paused to attack the hat. Now in the oil business in Texas; still has his uniform and a champagne bottle from his great moment in the 1990 Series.

Johnny Bench (64) -In an attempt to find out something new about JB, I looked up his screen credits on IMDB.com. I knew about "The Baseball Bunch", of course, and I knew about his touching portrayal of a waiter on "the Partridge Family", but I was unaware that he appeared on an episode of "Mission Impossible" as "Captain of the Guards".

Alex Johnson (69) -Moody OF who was the first Angel to win a batting championship. I saw him hit an inside-the-park homer at Crosley. Currently runs the family trucking business in Detroit.

Bo Belinsky -Erstwhile playboy who dated a number of celebs, including Ann-Margaret, which ain't all bad. His on-field performance couldn't keep up with his off-field escapades, though, and he ended his career as a mop-up reliever with the Reds. Pitched the first no-hitter in Angels history in his fourth career start. In later life he became clean and sober and a born-again Christian. Died at age 64.

Deacon White -Star of the earliest days of baseball; first man to come to the plate in a National Association game. Though he was 28 when the National League began, he still played 15 years in the league. One fun note: Deacon truly and honestly believed that the earth was flat, and would argue with his teammates about it at some length.