First off, I will begin by saying that something must be done this offseason if we want to contend, whether it be for SP, RP or more offense. Moves need to be made. I will also say that though I like Jocketty, I think he has gotten soft and relaxed in his time here, but I still think he knows what he is doing. Now that I have said that, I can see Walt waiting to see where Pujols and Fielder end up. If, one or both stays in the division I can see him making a drastic move or two. If one or both leave the division, I can see him making smaller deals to give us more depth. I also believe he is waiting for the 1B market to present itself (somewhere in the $22-25M AAV which we cannot afford either way) to go to negotiations with Votto.

I think if we are going to trade Votto it is during this offseason because you will get the greatest return. I will also be willing to bet that Bob is some of the main reasons behind not being more active in the market (trade or free agent). Whether it being say no to a Votto proposal, not wanting to take on more money and so on. The constraints which Bob is putting on Walt isn't helping. BCast thinks we can extend Votto but doesn't say how. I would be willing to bet that if Bob went to Votto and said we want to give you $22M a year and we won't be handicapped by your extension he would sign. He's got 2 faces of the franchise to work with in consecutive years (BP and Votto) and both are going to cost a pretty penny.