Jolbert Cabrera (38) -Who were the most recent brothers to play for the Reds? I'd have guessed the Boones, but I forgot about the Cabreras. Jolbert was a Red in 2008; as far as I know he's still playing overseas.


Mike Mussina (43) -Very smart guy. Came very close to being valedictorian of his high school class. Supposedly tanked because he didn't want to make a speech at commencement. Earned an economics degree from Stanford. Won at least 17 games eight times in the majors. A crossword-puzzle afficionado, he's featured in the documentary "Wordplay". Another hobby: collecting tractors.

Ed Brinkman -High school teammate of Pete Rose, and a much more highly-regarded prospect. Became a good-field-no-hit shortstop, at one point going 72 games witout an error. Died in 2008.

Brant Alyea (71) -Drafted by the Reds but didn't sign; eventually came up with the Senators and homered in his first at bat. Was in the news years later when he reconnected with a son, also a baseball player, who he'd unknowingly fathered while playinng winter ball in Nicaragua (I may have some of the details wrong on this).

Moses Solomon -The New York Giants, feeling that a Jewish star would help their box office, signed Solomon to a big contract and christened him the "Rabbi of Swat". Solomon never lived up to expectations in his brief career. His career fielding average: .833.