So here is the story. Came home at 1pm for lunch to find that the front door was open but the storm door was closed. (The storm door is a two hand operation to unlock). Ran the garage door up, saw that the door to the kitchen was hanging wide open. Walked in and saw that our patio door had been shattered, and stuff taken, my bedroom had been completely ransacked, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade style. My wife's jewelry, the boys' laptop, my shotgun, a $10 DVD player in a drawer(ignoring Bluray Player in room), my wallet and checkbook, my best friend's wedding gift(wedding is Saturday), various hand tools, some odd cash around the house, my youngest's tooth fairy money from last week, and my oldest's State Quarter Collection, other stuff etc.

Sheriff came, did the walk through, took a statement, and a box that had been moved to check for fingerprints. My brother in law is a contractor, he is attending to my door. Called the bank, credit card companies, and insurance company.

Looking for advice, from those unlucky enough to have gone through this.
1. I need to get something going as far as identity theft monitoring, any suggestions?
2. Any suggestions dealing with the claim process?
3. Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome.