Since Time Warner is prevalent in Cincinnati, I'm hoping some of you may have opinions here. Time Warner (unfortunately) is prevalent in NYC and I'm just fed up with it. Fios would be an option too, but for some reason it's not wired to my building.

There are a couple of things I do like about Time Warner. I enjoy NY1 (which is a Time Warner only channel) and I do like the fact that Time Warner does not require any 2 year commitments unlike DirecTV. However, neither are significant enough to keep me with TWC.

The things I loathe about Time Warner include the following: No NFL network, bad service, bad customer service, Roadrunner internet service works awful (at least for me), DVR box memory space is small, charges for a box that has no DVR.

As for the internet, if I were to switch, I would likely go with Verizon High Speed, which charges about the same as Time Warner/Roadrunner.

So for those of you that have DirecTV and especially those who have DTV and have switched from Time Warner, what are your thoughts? Is the service better? What happens when there is heavy snow or rain? Is there any way around the 2 year deal that keeps the monthly price reasonable? How is the customer service? Do you find the pricing is a better deal? It looks like the first year is reasonable as they offer up a discount, but year 2 probably would be maybe more than what I pay now. It also appears that the price DirecTV puts up on their site is a lot more when you add in "hidden" fees that aren't really articulated clearly, which I despise. That's why I'm curious to hear what others experiences and opinions are. I also kind of feel like I'm getting ripped off since the pricing is the same now as it was a few months ago, except new subscribers received the NFL Sunday ticket with their package.