Another All-Reds Edition!!!

Fred Lewis (30) -When Fred was in college, he was involved in a car accident that killed the other three passengers in his vehicle.

Chris Booker (35) -Pitched 2 innings for the Reds, surrendering 8 runs, 7 of them earned. His next stop was Kansas City; unbelievably his record there was worse.

Todd Van Poppel (40) -Everyone remembers how he was the consensus #1 pick in the draft, but announced that he would not sign with Atlanta, forcing them to "settle" for Chipper Jones.

Juan Samuel (51) -Holds the record for most at-bats in a season by a right-handed batter. Has a son named Samuel Samuel.

Steve Christmas (54) - Career BA with the Reds: .059. Hey, I said it was all-Reds day, not all GOOD Reds day...

Jim Merritt (68) -Won 20 for the 1970 Reds with an ERA in the low 4's. The next year he went 1-11 with an ERA in the low 4's....

Cy Seymour -Pitcher-turned-outfielder, famous for his 1905 seaon in which he led the league in batting average, slugging, hits, doubles and triples. Lost the home run title by one to the immortal Fred Odwell. Once hit four sacrifice flies in a game.