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The read option is overblown. The safeties were cheating up because Denver had run the vast majority of times on 1st down. I forget the stat but it was something like 80%. If you ask me it was a poor defensive call that early in the OT. It was a very good play call, nice throw by Tebow, and a great catch and run by Thomas. To give Tebow all the credit (which many are doing) is ignoring all the other moving pieces that enabled that play to happen.
I wouldn't say it's overblown, the Broncos are the #1 rushing team in the NFL. Willis McGahee and Lance Ball aren't world beaters or anything. Their O Line is really really good, and the threat of Tebow off the corner keeps DE's from crashing down. Having to account for the QB with a down lineman gives that good O line a numbers advantage in the running game, that is unless opposing defenses commit a safety or two in the box.

I do agree it was a dumb to have both up in OT, but Pittsburgh played that entire game like Denver wasn't good enough to beat true man to man with 3 on 3 in pass routes. That's a mistake I'm sure Belichick will not make.