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Because the media told them to.
I'm able to form my own opinions without help.

From an outsiders view what I saw with the Broncos was a team rallying around a strong leader and playing better football. You can look at Tebow's physical QB skills and analyze them all day. There are tons of flaws and a lot of room for improvement. It's only fair to take into account his intangibles, and that is something that most would agree are off the chart.

There are guys like Carson Palmer with all of the skills you could ever want and none of the intangibles, then there are guys like Tebow who are the exact opposite, and then a guy like Tom Brady who has the best of both worlds. It's often said in sports that great leaders elevate the game of everyone around them, I'm pretty sure that's what we saw happen in Denver. Because lets be real, that team doesn't really have a ton of talent or anything.