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I agree that he isn't a much better prospect than either guy, but I do think he is a better prospect than both.

Also, I don't think anyone is going to correct you on Crabbe. Those are the reports on him, though I do think I would argue he doesn't have the best slider, even if BA says he does. But it is a good pitch.
Doug, glad we agree. Vidal and Barnhart will start in Bakersfield next year, correct? Will Duran make the jump with them?

I'm excited to see what all three can do next year. I have them in the same tier, so I can definitely see the arguments for each as a superior prospect. Therefore, I disagree with Betterread's premise that Vidal is so much better than the other two.

I still have Crabbe over all three. I'm a sucker for K rates and his control took major steps forward last year. If he can master that third pitch, while keeping his control and Ks (I know that's a big if), I would not be surprised to see Crabbe as a consensus top-10 prospect next year.