Is it just me or is Eric Mangini one of the most irritating personalities at ESPN? I can sure see why he rubbed so many people the wrong way at Cleveland and it has little to do with his football smarts. The guy has a way of lecturing on and on and never saying a thing. I can see how that would grate on his players, asst coaches, the press and the fans.

Ex 1: When Matt Leinart got hurt recently for the Titans leaving them with a 3rd string QB, Mangini was asked "do they look to bring in a veteran to start or backup?"

To which he goes on to answer in a thousand words or so and basically says "It depends on who it is. It's very tough to come in this late in the year"

(Thanks for the insight, coach. That hadn't occured to us.)

Ex 2: Regarding the INT that Tom Brady threw last week that rersulted in a shouting match on the sidelines..."Should Brady have even thrown that pass given the situation that a FG would have sewn up the game?"

Mangini: "I can't really say, not knowing what the reads were and other details about the play"

(yeah, we know that, coach. That's why we asked the question)

His body language and montone ways of endless speeches like he's telling us something really profound while in reality only saying the obvious is hard to watch. What's really amazing is that he'd ever be given a job where he's called on to motivate and lead young men. He has no more business being on TV talking football than Dave Shula

Maybe Browns fans can give me more insight into this guy but this sports fan is hoping he finds a coaching gig real quick...